Electronet Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Electronet Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Process Instrumentation

Electronet Equipments Private Limited” an ISO 9001:2015  Certified company established in the year 1993,Electromagnetic Flow MetersUltrasonic Flow MetersTurbine Flow MetersAir Flow MetersAir Flow GaugesLevel Transmitters and SwitchesPressure Transmitters and SwitchesTemperature Transmitter and GaugesAnalytical and Panel Mounting Instruments etc.

Our strength in research & development and indigenous manufacturing process has made us a formidable player in customized instrumentation. The company is well equipped with skilled manpower, In-house R&D experts & Modern Techniques of Production


Electromagnetic Flow Meter

ELMAG® series – Electromagnetic flow meter installations have exceeded 10000 numbers at various places in India & across the globe. Electromagnetic flow meters have various applications like Water Distribution, Sewage Water Treatment, Effluent Measurement, Slurry & other Viscous Liquid Measurements.

Turbine Flow Meter

Turbine Flow Meter are preferred for clean, filtered, low viscosity fluids.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow meter measures the velocity of fluid with ultrasound to calculate volume flow. 

Pressure Transmitter / Switches

Our Electronet Pressure Transmitter and Switches helps you measure pressure and related parameters of gases, vapor, and liquid in various industries.

Analytical Instruments

Electronet manufactures a wide range of industrial Analytical Instruments used across various industries. The analytical instruments can accept pH/ Conductivity/ORP/DO sensor input in any combination. The analyser continuously monitors itself and the sensor for any problematic conditions and displays the fault or warning signals if any.

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