Lightning Arrestors

Lightning Arrestors (Early Streamer Emission)

  • The storm is a common natural phenomenon and its presence is firmly rooted in the history of the world. It is a result of mixing various air layers – dense and cold air with humid of lower density. This creates air currents and heat energy accumulated in the air and water vapor. Ultimately it turns into the strong wind and electricity. The lightning strikes, accompanying this phenomenon, depend on the level of the air ionization. The strike reaches a temperature of thousands of degree Celsius.
  • The lightning strike can cause a fire, fatally hurt people and animals.The air is not a good conductor of electricity therefore lightning takes the shortest path to the ground to compensate immediately the difference in electric potential between the clouds and the ground.
  • The lightning protection system (LPS) is designed to protect objects from damage caused by lightning strikes. It takeovers and discharges to the ground the current flow accumulated by lightning striking the building or structure.
  • Lightning strike is the phenomenon from the field of electricity. The current flow between the cloud and the ground is highly dynamic and lasts only fractions of a second. However this phenomenon is extremely dangerous due to peak values of current flow that reach up to 200 kA! On average, there are 1800 storms in the world at any moment. Europe is the area of moderate intensity of storms. There are about 20 to 25 stormy days per year with lightning density of 1.8 to 2.5 per km2.
  • In order to protect property against these dangerous phenomena we provide innovative lightning protection systems with early streamer emission (ESE) – GROMOSTAR and OMEGA.


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