Sensitron operates worldwide in gas detection. The product range consists of fixed gas detection systems, detectors, and control panels, for all applications. Founded in 1988 in the province of Milan, Sensitron became part of the Halma plc group in 2021. Always attentive to innovation and technology, the internal research and development department enhances Sensitron solutions with the aim of guaranteeing safety for people, environments, and the ecosystem in which we live.


  • Industrial Line
  • Marine Line
  • Park System Line
  • Building & HVAC-R Line
  • Portable Detectors

Sensitron Products

Industrial Line

With its Industrial line of gas detectors and control panels, Sensitron meets the most different industrial applications for both light and heavy industrial.
The SMART 3G series detectors are also used in the paper, food and beverage and cosmetics industries.
The SMART S series detectors are used in harsher and more aggressive environments such as the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Marine Line

With the Marine line, Sensitron develops a gas detection system certified by Lloyd’s Register according to MED/3.54. MULTISCAN++MED control panels and SMART S-MS MED detectors meet the EMC and environmental requirements of the marine sector.
MULTISCAN++MED control panels are also ATEX-certified and meet SIL2 functional requirements.
The SMART S-MS MED detector is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment. It is equipped with a catalytic sensor or infrared sensor to detect flammable gases. The detector is also compliant to SIL 2 Hardware, SIL 3 Software and certified ATEX for Zone 1 with marking II2G Ex db IIC T5 Gb.

Park System Line

With the Park System line, Sensitron presents two gas detection systems.
The standard version is joined by systems certified according to the European standard EN 50545-1 for car parks.
The European standard aims to harmonize gas detection systems protecting car parks for all member countries.
Sensitron ensures full compliance, with the system consisting of the MULTISCAN ++ Park control panels and SMART P gas detectors.

Building & HVAC-R Line

The Building & HVAC-R line offers solutions for residential environments such as hotels, schools, hospitals, for machinery and engine rooms, and for large industrial environments such as gas storage depots and refrigeration plants.
The gas detectors in this line are designed to the same safety standards used in industrial environments.
This range of gas detectors guarantees professional detection for gases with a high GWP (Global Warming Potential) and follows the standards of the F-gas directive. These instruments detect flammable gases, ammonia, carbon dioxide (CO2) and generally all halogenated gases.

Portables Gas detectors

Building on from the success of our new partnership with Crowcon, we are proud to be launching their portable gas detector range. Crowcon’s portable gas detectors protect against a wide range of industrial gas hazards with both single gas and multi gas monitors available. With a variety of sizes, complexities and certifications, our customers can find the right portable gas detection solution to meet the number and type of gas sensors you need to protect your people and the environment.

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